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Our Mission

Wake Up With a Purpose

At Dirty Essentials,® we believe in giving back to communities and individuals in need. 

This goes beyond the trending news stories and into your community, where you may know someone or a group of people struggling. We want to connect with people who don’t always make the headlines. The people or communities who have fallen under horrible circumstances and need extra support. 

Our team is small, but we are fierce in our desire to improve lives. We encourage our customers to reach out if they see someone going through a hard time. Pay attention within your community and send us a note explaining the circumstances and how we can help. Whether this is a mother who cannot afford cancer treatment, a school that is underfunded and in desperate need of new supplies, or a family who lost everything to a natural disaster. 

We want to take real action, connecting our donations or service time directly with those who need it most. 

Know someone experiencing a hardship? A community that needs support and swift action? Complete the form below and let us know their story and how we can best help.